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BGS EarthServer - Terms of Use

This site contains demonstration services created by BGS (NERC) as part of its contribution to the EU FP7 EarthServer project. These services are subject to experimental and other changes at any time and cannot be guaranteed to work or produce meaningful results at any particular time.

The data used in these services has been taken from various sources and is subject to the conditions of use described below. It should also be noted that the data in these services may be modified from the originals in certain ways for the purposes of testing and should not be considered suitable for any real use.

Ordnance Survey OpenData

These services contain Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2011. This data is available under the conditions of the OS OpenData licence. The data here, however, may be modified in certain ways for the purposes of testing the software and may not be identical to the data available directly from the OS OpenData site. No endorsement by the Ordnance Survey of the data contained in this service should be assumed.

BGS Information Products

These services contain data based on BGS information products1 but which may have been altered for testing purposes and which may not be approved for official publication. They are made available on the web through the EarthServer project for non-commercial demonstration purposes only. They may not be used for any commercial purposes. Commercial use means internal and external use by an organisation (which includes Government and other Local Authorities and their contractors) where such an organisation receives any direct monetary consideration by offering a service and/or product containing BGS material or subsequently derived material, such as providing images in a report for which a fee is paid, the sale of a book or newsletter with a charge, even though that charge may not meet the full costs of the publication or use. Commercial use further includes any indirect monetary advantage or benefit received by any person or organisation by the offering of any service and/or product as described above.

These BGS information products may not be reproduced by anyone other than EarthServer Consortium members, in accordance with the provisions of the EarthServer Consortium agreement. The following acknowledgement must accompany the reproduced BGS material: Reproduced with the permission of the British Geological Survey ©NERC. All rights Reserved

Reproduction of any BGS materials does not amount to an endorsement by NERC or any of its employees of any product or service and no such endorsement should be stated or implied.

1 A range of data, information and mapping datasets including BGS owned models