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Petascope WCS example queries

The petascope service currently reveals several coverages. We can use GET or POST requests for our queries. Petascope supports the following WCS profiles:</ows:Profile></ows:Profile></ows:Profile>

Capabilities and coverage using GET queries

GetCapabilities (KVP-GET)


DescribeCoverage (KVP-GET)

We can request one or more coverages. The DescribeCoverage response returns the same information as the GetCoverage response with the exception of the RangeSet (the data itself).

/rasdaman/ows?service=WCS&Request=DescribeCoverage&version=2.0.1&CoverageId=bgs_st_uk& /rasdaman/ows?service=WCS&Request=DescribeCoverage&version=2.0.1&CoverageId=os_dtm& /rasdaman/ows?service=WCS&Request=DescribeCoverage&version=2.0.1&CoverageId=bgs_rs,bgs_st_uk&

GetCoverage (KVP-GET)

The response for the GetCoverage request can be as XML or as image.

You can run a GetCoverage operation on the whole coverage like below, for the bottom of the peat in the Glasgow area (glasgow_p_b). In this instance we do not specify the response format in the request URL so we get the default (XML) response:


Alternatively, we may request that the GetCoverage response is as image (if the coverage can be represented as an image). For example we can request the Petascope (bgs_rs) example coverage as a tiff image with:


Subsetting using GET queries


We can use Petascope to apply a trim subsetting operation. For example to trim on two axes:



We can use Petascope to apply a slice subsetting operation.

Single slicing operation

Example using BGS Superficial Thickness (bgs_st_uk):


Two slicing operations

Examples using BGS Superficial Thickness (bgs_st_uk):

/rasdaman/ows?service=WCS&Request=GetCoverage&version=2.0.1&CoverageId=bgs_st_uk&subset=N(200000)&subset=E(500000) /rasdaman/ows?service=WCS&Request=GetCoverage&version=2.0.1&CoverageId=bgs_st_uk&subset1=N(200000)&subset2=E(500000)

Example using one of the Glasgow model surfaces (glasgow_lac_b)


Trim and Slice combined

One of the Glasgow model surfaces (glasgow_bron_t)


Subsetting by POSTing XML

Note: Click the below examples to open ... you can cut and paste your own examples into the form area. Examples use the bgs_rs LandSat coverage.

Subsetting : Trimming : Subset bgs_rs on x and y with output as XML

The XML response from this request will indicate (boundedBy > Envelope) that the trim has been applied to both x and y axes

Subsetting : Slicing : Slicing bgs_rs on x and y

The XML response from this request will ...

Example results

Example query or URL

Example results