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What can EarthServer technology do?

The EarthServer project is developing client and server software which can communicate using the OGC Web Coverage Service (WCS) and Web Coverage Processing Service (WCPS) standards to enable users to request analysis of large data sets held on a server and return of the results in a variety of data formats. See the following pages for a very simple overview of the WCS and WCPS interfaces.

EarthServer project partner ATHENA has developed the query language xWCPS aimed at merging XQuery's capabilities for handling XML with WCPS's raster data processing capabilities. We have developed an xWCPS demonstrator that provides a simple user interface to allow interrogation of the Glasgow 3D models without needing to learn xWCPS

The examples below illustrate how different clients can use the above interfaces to obtain different processed results from the coverages held by a compliant server. The queries generated by the clients, that are shown in the example pages, can be copied and pasted into the query editor in the WCPS overview page and then modified to allow you to further explore the syntax.

Dataset Information on the data Demonstration application
Remote Sensing Remote Sensing Information Remote Sensing Client
Digital Terrain Model (DTM) DTM Information DTM Client
Superficial Deposits Thickness Map (SDTM) SDTM Information SDTM Client
3D Geological Models 3D Geological Models Information 3D Geological Models Client
3D Geological Models xWCPS Client Information xWCPS Client