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Top Surface

Bottom Surface

Point thickness

,: 36.9377 m

Maximum thickness

Maximum thickness: 147.756 m


254750.0 265250.0

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About the 3D geological models client

These data have been superseded by a more recent version and are provided for illustration purposes only and should not be used for development work or decision making purposes. Please contact (Diarmad Campbell) or (Hugh Barron) to discuss access to the latest version of the model, and refer also to the ASK Knowledge Exchange Network

You can select two surfaces from the Glasgow model and a point (specified in British National Grid coordinates) within the model extents. The thickness of the volume between the two bounding surfaces at that point will be returned together with an overview scaled greyscale image. If you pick the top (_t suffix) and base (_b suffix) of the same formation you will get the thickness of that formation. Picking bounding surfaces of different formations will give a thickness of the intervening formations where the surfaces are defined in the same geographical locations but interpretation depends really on being familiar with the likely sequence of formations.

There is no check whether the selected top surface does in fact lie above the selected bottom surface.

The small black and white images beside the layer selectors show over what region the surface is defined (black is null). Some of the surfaces, such as those of the glagow_bill, are not very extensive, so these images are mostly shown in black. For surfaces with data values over the whole area, such as those of the glasgow_base_model these images are shown completely white.

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