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We are currently using the Ordnance Survey of Great Britain OpenData UK DTM, which is freely available for public use, in the lighthouse application. There are a wide variety of purposes for which BGS uses terrain models, as inputs to creating 3D geology models, to enable “virtual fieldwork” etc. Examples of the kinds of queries we would like to perform are:

We have not done the shading, slope calculation or linear feature extraction yet. We can highlight all areas with an elevation greater than or less than a certain value; see our DTM client to try this out.

You can see 3D visualisation of images draped onto a DTM in the service portal.

Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2011. For the purposes of this demonstration service we are using the Ordnance Survey Landform Panorama national DTM which is available under the conditions of the OS OpenData licence. The data here, however, may be modified in certain ways for the purposes of testing the software and may not be identical to the data available directly from the OS OpenData site. No endorsement by the Ordnance Survey of the data contained in this service should be assumed.