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3D Surface Viewer Demos

Please note, your browser needs to support X3DOM. You can check if your browser should be able to use these client demos on the X3DOM Help Wizard. In addition your browser needs to support WebGL. You may still find that even if your browser supports x3dom and WebGL, that these clients will not work for you; likely causes are: graphics card and/or slow internet connection. These clients should work in IE 11, and latest versions of Opera, Firefox, and Chrome.

There are a number of example demos you can try as described below. Note that the image may take several to tens of seconds to appear.   After the model has loaded you may also notice a drawing delay when using some of the controls.

Glasgow superfical geology model
The model shows the base and top surfaces of 19 superficial deposits for the Glasgow region. Within the model you can hide and show each of the surfaces, or change their transparency. Surfaces can also be 'exploded'. Clicking on the model will give you the height of geological unit at that location.
Various representations of the GeoTOP voxel model of lithostratigraphy and lithology of the Netherlands. GeoTOP is a detailed three-dimensional model of the upper 30 to 50 meters of the subsurface produced by the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). It provides the user with a cell-based description of the spatial variability of geological, physical, and chemical parameters in the subsurface. The GeoTOP and other TNO models are discussed in Van der Meulen M. J. et. al. (2013).
In our models (below) we use multiple slices along the X,Y,Z axes through the voxel model, to give you a feel for the solid nature of the data. Slices along horizontal axes occur every 1000m, whilst slicing in the verticle axis is every 5m.
TNO voxel model (lithostratigraphy)
TNO voxel model (lithology)
TNO voxel model (probable lithology)


In the 3d viewers the following controls may be available