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Web Coverage Services (version 2.0) operations

A Web Coverage Service (WCS) must (at minimum) support three core operations: GetCapabilities, DescribeCoverage, and GetCoverage.

There is no required protocol binding for a WCS server, however a least one protocol binding shall (OGC speak for 'must') be supported.
Supported protocols (WCS protocol extensions) are listed in the GetCapabilities response, but of course you need to know the protocol binding before making a GetCapabilities request...


This operation allows a WCS client to request information about the server's capabilities (service metadata) and the coverages offered

Example using the KVP (Key-Value Pair) protocol i.e. a HTTP GET request with parameters encoded in query string:


This request retrieves slightly more information than included in the GetCapabilities response for one or more of the particular coverages listed in the GetCapabilities response. In particular it inculdes information on the range of the coverage.


For some examples of WCS subsetting operations see our interactive Petascope service WCS examples or our MapServer service WCS examples pages.

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